Trail Haus Development Branding

Trail Haus Development specializes in the development and construction of single-family homes. The client wanted something modern and minimal. Since the owner is an avid mountain biker and adventurer, I really liked the idea of incorporating some of that spirit into his brand. He’d recently built a home with a very modern feel with single pitched roofs offset from one another. After some brainstorming, it was clear I could create something that would mimic the overall design aesthetic of his recently built home while also incorporating the T and H from his company name.

Seeing as the client wanted something that related back to his adventuring interests, I thought it would be really cool to set the new logo design into a black diamond shape. This black diamond shape relates back to how snow sports and mountain biking mark trails for difficulty. Black diamond trails are often thought of as having the best features so I thought it was a good fit for his logo.

ClientTrail Haus DevelopmentServicesBrandingYear2022

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